Seventeener (17th and 37th) by The Lawrence Arms


“And dying young just didn’t work out so I guess I’m dying old.”


Funky Man by Dee Dee King… what?

If I had never learned that Dee Dee Ramone put out a rap album in the ’80s, I think my life still would have been complete. I did learn of this, though, and while it’s not the worst lame stereotypical ’80s hip hop I’ve ever heard, it’s pretty… well, you can be the judge. I personally like it in the same way that I like Tim & Eric and other cringe humor, but I don’t think Dee Dee’s plan was to create Tim & Eric-style cringe humor. He sounds pretty serious. So… yeah. I don’t even know. I feel pretty awkward about the whole thing. Watch. Listen. He’s a funky guy named Dee Dee Ramone (and sometimes Dee Dee King) — which he will let you know several times so you don’t forget.

Ruby by Cheap Girls

And you get caught up in all the maybes
You’re getting caught up in all the maybes
Think you should limit a vision
Of all the coming and going
But it takes one like me to know
That repeating never got you where you needed to go
Ruby don’t go

What Are You Doing, Little Bunny? by The Underground West

Well, this was a nice treat to pop up on my facebook news feed this morning. This song and video are solid and it’s always nice to see and hear my friends again! Cool story to anyone who cares: I played bass in this band for a couple months a few years ago when I was in college. So much talent. Not even kidding.

This Time Last Year by Nothington

I love Nothington. Jay Northington’s voice is ridiculously beautiful. Their newest release, a collection of b-sides, live songs, acoustic versions, and so on, entitled¬†Lost Along The Way, was just released and it’s so good.

Bad Scene, Everyone’s Fault by Defeater

Acoustic cover of a Jawbreaker classic. I love it. Check out Defeater’s other stuff, too. They’re some of the best hardcore I’ve heard. I’m sure I’ll be posting them sometime.

Black Me Out by Laura Jane Grace

I don’t want to see the world that way anymore,
I don’t want to want feel that weak and insecure,
As if you were my fucking pimp,
As if I was your fucking whore.